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Here we bring you all the news about Orakai Songdo Park Hotel.

TITLE ORAKAI Hotels and Resorts
DATE 2014-01-02 3:00:00
Welcome to Orakai Hotels and Resorts.

ORAKAI Songdo Park Hotel is the first property in South Korea for ORAKAI Hotels & Resorts; a new and innovative global hotel group, 100% owned and managed by a Korean company.

ORAKAI is the dream of a Korean entrepreneur, whose companies have been in the people business for many decades. These extend from amusement parks to hotels.

The accumulated learning of the industry and the drive to seek the best way to provide the highest quality service and facilities to each and every person, has led to here; the development of a Korean Hotel and Resorts brand.

Made in Korea by Koreans ORAKAI Hotels & Resorts offers all the very best ingredients that South Korea is known for worldwide for national and international guests and visitors to share and enjoy.

ORAKAI Hotels & Resorts will continue growing in 2014 and beyond. New locations are currently under development, and its plans are fast moving in order to have the group well established by 2015/16.

We invite you to enjoy the ORAKAI service at ORAKAI Songdo Park Hotel where our staff and management are keen to welcome you and showcase the first of many properties offered by this Korean Hotel Group.

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