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Swimming Pools

The indoor and outdoor pools surrounded by a pleasant sundeck create a great revitalization and wellness. The outdoor pool features an adult pool and a kids’ pool for the safety of children.

Operating hours

Sortation Morning Breaktime Day Breaktime Night Note
Indoor pool
Outdoor pool
08:00 ~ 11:00 11:00 ~ 13:00 13:00 ~ 19:30 19:30 ~ 20:00 20:00 ~ 22:00

※ The closing time for admission ~21:30

※ Both Cool Summer and Hot Summer will be operated for the same hours.

※ September~December closed on the fourth Monday of every month.
     (Except July & August / No closure days)


(Tax Excluded)      

(Jun 5
~Jun 30
Sep 1
~Sep 30)
Time Weekdays
(Monday to Thursday)
(Friday to Sunday)
/ Chuseok holiday
Sortation Adult
(14 years of age or older)
(48 months or more ~ Under 13)
(14 years of age or older)
(48 months or more ~ Under 13)
The price is applicable for individual purchases of swimming pool tickets You can also use the pool with a variety of combinations in the hotel.
Morning 18,000원 13,000원 20,000원 15,000원
Day 20,000원 15,000원 22,000원 17,000원
Night 20,000원 15,000원 22,000원 17,000원
(Jul 1
~Aug 31)
Time Weekdays
(Monday to Thursday)
(Friday to Sunday)
/ Hot Season
(July 22 - August 20)
Sortation Adult
(14 years of age or older)
(48 months or more ~ Under 13)
(14 years of age or older)
(48 months or more ~ Under 13)
Morning 20,000원 15,000원 22,000원 17,000원
Day 22,000원 17,000원 26,000원 21,000원
Night 22,000원 17,000원 26,000원 21,000원

Sunbed Charges

Rate (in KRW) 10,000
  • ·    Sunbeds that are not in use for a long time can be arbitrarily organized. If you need to leave for a long
           time, please inform the staff.
  • ·   The sunbeds next to the parasols are available for a fee. Other facilities are free of charge.

Operation Information

  • *Operation policy
  • ·   The swimming pool is for members of the Orakai Fitness Club and guest rooms only.
  • ·   There is an additional admission fee for the swimming pool except for products that include admission
  • ·   We don't accept separate reservations for swimming pool entry.
  • ·   All areas in the pool are non-smoking areas.
  • ·   Strollers are not allowed in the pool.
  • ·   You can use the sunbed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • ·   Beach towels are provided for the number of guests per room. (One ticket per person)
  • ·   You cannot use it after checking out the room.
  • ·   In order to maintain a pleasant usage environment, we will have a 50 minute operation for each hour
         and a 10-minute break, so please understand.
  • *Admission and usage criteria
  • ·   Guests can use the swimming pool once a night during their stay after paying the swimming pool fee.
  • ·   You cannot enter again after leaving the pool. (However, it is possible to move within the third floor.)
  •      the operating hours on the day of entry.
  • ·   Infants under 24 months may be restricted from entering for safety reasons.
  • ·   Admission is free for infants between 24 and 47 months old.
  • *Safety
  • ·   Sitting on the swimming pool railing, diving, and dangerous behavior in the swimming pool are
  • ·   In case of bad weather, the use of outdoor swimming pools may be restricted for safety reasons.
  • ·   For comfortable and safe operation, admission may be restricted if the number of people exceeds the
         appropriate number.
  • ·   Please make sure to warm up before going into the water.
  • ·   Do not bring sharp or fragile items such as metal, plastic, glass, etc.
  • ·   For safe use, please cooperate actively if there is guidance from safety personnel and staff.
  • ·   Patients who affect public health, such as eye disease, skin disease, and other infectious diseases,
         are not available.
  • ·   Swimming pool disinfectants can cause allergies, so customers with related allergies should refrain
         from using them.
  • *Shooting
  • ·   Use may be restricted when shooting for commercial purposes.
  • ·   It is not possible to visit or take pictures other than customers who use the swimming pool that is not
         allowed in advance.
  • ·   Underwater photography in the swimming pool, filming is prohibited inside lockers and shower rooms,
         and excessive photography that causes inconvenience to other customers is prohibited We can impose
         sanctions, so please cooperate.
  • ·   Internet broadcasting in swimming pools is prohibited in the absence of prior permission,
         and due to infringement of portrait rights, etc May be subject to legal sanctions.
  • *Dress and equipment
  • ·   Swimwear and swimming cap rental services are not available.
         (Swim caps are available at reception on the 4th floor)
  • ·   The use of water supplies, flippers, and tubes is restricted, and infant arm tubes and life vests are
  • ·   For water quality management, please wear the regulated swimming caps in indoor swimming pools.
          For more details, click on the Indoor Swimming Pool Apparel Guidelines at the top to refer.
    ·   Swimming caps, caps, and even tying hair into ponytail are allowed for outdoor swimming pools.
  • ·   Swimwear (or rash guard included) must be worn for pleasant operation and may be restricted to
         swimming pools when wearing shirts, shorts, sportswear, sneakers, shoes, and slippers for rooms.
  • ·   You can enter and use sandals, aqua shoes, or bare feet.
         (Not available when wearing slippers in the room for safety reasons)
  • *Food and drink
  • ·   You cannot bring in food or drink outside. (If you use baby food, you can use it at The Lounge & Terrace.)
  • ·   If you are allergic to certain ingredients, please make sure to inform the staff before ordering.
  • ·   Only for those who use the pool as follows: F&B benefits will be given.
Benefits of food and beverage products provided when using swimming pool products
Sortation Cool Summer & Hot Summer
Target Morning / Day / Night Product Users
Time 08:00 (Morning) ~ 22:00 (Night)
Place In front of the outdoor swimming pool entrance (3F)
Offerings Offering water, sparkling water, and various beverages.
Remark * Lounge closed during Cool Summer
* The location for Hot Summer season may be subject to change.