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Orakai hotel location
Address ORAKAI Songdo Park Hotel, 151, Techno park-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea
Phone No +82-32-210-7000
Fax No +82-32-210-7100
Email rsvn@orakaihotels.com


  • Airport bus

  • Taxi

KAL Limousine Incheon Airport Bus
Travelling Time 40 minutes
Bus Fare KRW 7,000 (One way)
Operation Hours 1st Passenger Terminal
04:52 to 19:37 (Hotel to Airport)
05:37 to 22:38 (Airport to Hotel)
2nd Passenger Terminal
05:57 to 22:58 (Airport to Hotel)
  • · The location to board the Limousine service at the airport is as follows:
      1st Passenger Terminal 3B,4A / 2nd Passenger Terminal 17,18,19
  • · Tickets can be purchased from the following two locations.
  •   KAL Limousine desk in the airport.
  •   At the front desk of ORAKAI Songdo Park · Hotel
taxi infomation
Travelling Time 20 minutes
Fare Hotel to Airport : Approximately KRW 35,000
Airport to Hotel : Approximately KRW 45,000